Complete set (full set)
  • Stainless steel clamping bands (2 pcs.)

  • Open type steps.

  • 3-5 m cable for connecting the hot tub.

  • Finish: wood - black alder. Spruce/pine base impregnated with biocides.

  • 2m stainless steel chimney with a cap.

  • 8-cornered, 22kw stove made of AISI 304 stainless steel with tap for draining water. Water heating time 1.5 - 3 hours.

  • Hot tub with thermal cover. The insert is insulated with thermal insulation A++ foam.

  • Inner dimension: 185cm. x 85 cm. Outside 205cm x 100cm.

  • Holds 5-6 people, water 1200-1300L.

  • Hydromassage system with 8 hydro jets.

  • LED RGB interior lighting with two 50mm. bulbs - 7 colors.

  • Automatic water drain valve with cable.

  • Drink holder/shelf.

  • Fiberglass cover

  • Acrylic liner

  • Air massage system with 12 air jets

  • Additional hydromassage system (8 nozzles)

  • Additional hydromassage jets (4 pcs.) with a more powerful pump

  • WPC finish (brown, anthracite)

  • LED RGB lighting (additional bulbs) 50 mm. or mini 20 mm.

  • Closed type steps

  • Thermal wood

  • Sewage relay

  • Bluetooth/wi-fi thermometer

Additional equipment

  • Holder for drinks with holes

  • Floating LED RGB drink holder

  • Audio equipment

  • Electric heating system

  • Chimney protection

  • Head pillow

  • Sand filter box

  • Water sand filter

  • Filtration connections

  • UV water sterilizer

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Hot tub DK2
Hot tub DK3
Hot tub DK4
Hot tub DK5 Pearl
Hot tub DK6
Hot tub DK7 Pearl
Hot tub DK8
Hot tub DK9

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